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Philippe Beau is a shadowgrapher.


He produces and performs hand shadows all over the world.


Author, creator and consultant, he is now acknowledged as a worldwide specialist in the art of shadows.


His shadowgraphy shows are highly developed and flowing hands ballets. Characters and animals appear and follow each other in a morphing process.


Figures gracefully and cinematically emerge with fingers entwined.

As a set designer, he produces and develops many exclusive processes of shadowgraphying (giant shadows, 3D shadows, monumental shadows) for exhibitions or shows. As a performer, a creator and a consultant, he is frequently asked to set up specific projects including shadows, magic and sleight of hand that gather people from the artistic sphere such as the film director Frederick Wiseman and theatre directors like Robert Lepage, advertising agents, choreographers like Philippe Decouflé, visual artists and scenographers. Associated with La Comète in Châlons-en-Champagne (France), he creates Magic shadows and other tricks resorting to shadows, illusion and cinematic techniques.

From the movie "Populaire" directed by Régis Roinsard - 2012